Hi, where is madinet Al Tharir in Embaba? Does Madinet translate as village and Tahrir as liberation? Do you have pictures of it? Thanks


City: Giza

Governorate: Al Jizah

Country: Egypt


hi,madinet el tharir is the center of cairo, and if you see photo,you can look this website
madinet tahrir is in imbaba as u said , the other answer is wrong , regarding the pics u can get it from google earth, unless u r going after the subject of destroying Egypt , in this case u may be asking for midan el tahrir not madinet el tahrir in that case u can follow the other answer replied by mohamed ibrahim
the madinet Al tharir its square its not madinet in the center Cairo if you like to see this square on
Madinat = City
Tahrir = liberation
it is a small district in Embaba.
pics are not available, it can be available according to the reason.
Madinet el tahrir is located in embaba area , which is in after the bridge of embaba , it's very localk area and it needs to take a taxi to get there from downtown , around 15 to 20 min driving from downtown of cairo , thgere is no available pictures for it , maybe because it doesnt includes any sights or something like that , i think you can use google maps .


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