What is the best way to go visit Angkor Wat from Bangkok?

Do I need a Visa in advance? (I am Dutch) Or is it no problem to arrange it at the border.


City: Bangkok

Province: Krung Thep

Country: Thailand


Many ways may lead to Seam Riep/Angkhor. Four of them I have traveled a couple of times.
!. Take an early train (about 5.45 am) from Bkk Hualamphong main station to Aranyapathet (very nice journey!). Takes about 6 hrs. From A. station take a songtaew (shared pickup taxi or tuk-tuk (three-wheeler) to border crossing. Visa can be arranged on arrival at border. From Poiphet (border city in Cambodia) take any road transport to Seam Reap.
2. Instead of train from Bkk to A. take a aircon bus from Morchit (northern bus station). It's faster than train. Other is same than 1.
3. Take a flight from Bkk to Seam Riep (quite expensive). Visa on arrival possible.
4. Take a budget flight ( e.g. AirAsia) from Bkk to Phnom Penh. Then take a boat trip across lake Tonlesap to Seam Riep (very nice trip!). Visa on arrival possible. If you take an overnight at Phnom Penh, I suggest you visit the National Museum (next to the palace, has phantastic exhibits!).
Although visa on arrival is possible at all points, I suggest you arrange it beforehand. At Hualamphong station in Bkk and around there are a couple of travel agents who arrange your visa for very reasonable extra costs. This will save you consideable waiting time.
great answer
Thank you, Khun Noree!
Thank you very much Wilfried. It's very helpfull to give me all these options. Personally the Phnom Penh route looks inviting to me. I guess I should go for a oneway ticket and go back over land. 1600 Bath only!
My first answer on Localytes, that looks promising. : )
It surprises me that lonely Planet Thailand, doesn't even mention Angkor Wat, as to me it seems like an obvious destination for a trip from Thailand.
I feel the "Phnom Penh" route you are intending is very good as it gives you the chance to take the boat over the Tonlesap. You can do it also clockwise, meaning the other way round. In Phnom Penh I know a guesthouse (email: ; hope it still exists!), conveniently located in the old French quarter with some cosy corner cafes within short walking distance, and within walking distance from the National Museum (I'm again recommending this as I would recommend to visit the National Museum in Bkk as well). I'm a member of the NMW (National Museum Volunteers) here, who offer free guiding tours thru the mueum. If you want to know more about this, get in touch with me at . Sorry for this little promotion at this place.
Well, nobody is perfect, even LONELY PLANT not, but usually good and useful, if you use a recent edition.
you have one more way and it's very fast is taking a van at Victory Monument to the border, Arunyaprathet, Srakeaw bout 300 bht. then take a local bus or taxi.
Thank you very much Aquamarine. This looks like a good option too.
Hello Martijn go with Wilfried's answer and I don't think you can go wrong.
Have a safe trip.
Thank you, Graham!
Thanks no 1, I feel honoured. ; )
If cost is not too much of a concern, then definitely fly from Bangkok to Siem Reap. When we did it, (around 4 tears ago) the visa on arrival took no time at all. There were 4 of us and we were ushered to some comfortable seats by a friendly and efficient immigration worker who then collected our passports & was back in no time to return them complete with visa's inside. (SOOOOOO different, more efficient, and friendly than Thailand.). I can't remember the exact cost of the flight (with Bangkok air), but it couldn't have baan THAT much, or we wouldn't have done it.....wait..... OK, I just checked on their website & a return costs around 10,000 Bt. It's worth it for the convenience and the daytime view of the landscape from the air. Jim.
Thanks Jim. About €230 is not bad, but not exactly cheap either. Bangkok Phnom Penh could be 1600 Bath one-way.
fly or co to the boarder by bus and then either by bus or share a taxi with 3 others

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