I'm moving to Rome in a few months. Should I live in Parioli or Cassia (close to AOSR)?


City: Rome

Region: Lazio

Country: Italy


I would stay in the Parioli district: a nice and quiet residential area closer to the city center and with a train station in Piazza Euclide.
It really depends on WHY you are moving to Rome - what your priorities are and the kind of life you would like to live when in Rome (for example if you have children or not etc). The Cassia can be a nightmare during peak hours, it's an incredibly busy road and traffic there is slow at the best of times. It is also not as well connected by public transport as the Parioli area is. But if you will be working on the Cassia then you might find it easier to live closer to work - because of the above mentioned traffic issues.

On the plus side, there are several international & English-language schools on the Cassia, so if you are moving with children you will appreciate the choice of schools in the area.

Parioli is very nice area and it is better connected than the Cassia to the center of Rome by public transport. It is also traffic ridden because of the many offices / banks and businesses in the area - but because of all the businesses in the area, it is usually very quiet and peaceful during weekends.

Hope this helps!

Will you be working or sending your children to AOSR? Are you looking for a more residential neighborhood with gated communities? If yes, then the Cassia/Cortina d'Ampezo/Camilluccia area is for you. If no, Parioli may be best.

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