I want to attend barcelona vs inter on the 24th of november but i do not have tickets, i checked many websites but i am not sure about...

...them so will i be able to get tickets outside of the nou camp before the game and from where and will the price be much higher than on the internet?


Country: Spain


Don't get them from touts outside they will be either very 3 times the price or fake or both.....go to the official Barca FC website and buy from there.
Of course Champions League games sell out quickly so you might have to take a chance ; )
Good luck
Thanks for the reply,
I already checked fc barcelona's official website and yes its already sold out and they were only selling it to the members.
my only hope is to get them from the people selling them outside the stadium.
do you know how i can make sure that the tickets they are selling aren't fake before buying them? and when do i find those people?
also is there any 3rd party ticket shops that selling these tickets?

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