I have one day in Rome. What would you recommend with such limited time available.


City: Roma

Region: Lazio

Country: Italy


Do not over-do! Pick one main attraction and wander around for the rest of the time savouring the atmosphere of squares, fountains, churches, cobblestones, hillsides and whatever will appear in front of you by chance. Enjoy your day!
Thank you for the advise. I'll take your recommendation and pick one and then wander. Thanks.
you might choose a coupe of half day tours from this web site: . for the first time I may recommend "Ancient Rome" and "Renaissance and Baroque".
A Day In rome, can be a bit overwhelming as you wish to cover all the major sites, and even if you could rome's historical center is a bit of a maze, so check my website click in ''tour of the Month'' enter in ''A Day In rome''. I highly recommend it. If you have any questions please email to
Hi, i suggest you to visit the Vatican Museoums during the mornif and the in the afternoon
Hi! yes, many owners of apartaments in have a minimum stay of just one night. Browse the website or inform me about the day of arrival and departure. I will give you assistance... Dario

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