Hi How far is nature from the city? Can you get into nature by foot? What (outdoor) sports can you do IN and near Cuenca?

I have a chance of coming to live in Cuenaca for a while. At home I live near fields and mountains and go running almost every day. I am not a city person but love the countryside. Do you think I could be happy in Cuenca? Do I have to go by bus or car if I want to be in green, quiet nature? Would it be dangerous to go jogging alone? Thank you so much! Jude


City: Cuenca

Province: Azuay

Country: Ecuador


Cuenca is located in a Valley,, therefore it is surrounded by mountains and nature. There are parks to go jogging if you wish but you are only minutes away of very nice natural places where you can enjoy yourself. Look up for info about Cajas National Park, Chorro de Giron, this come to my mind right now. Enjoy Cuenca, you'll love it!
Cuenca is at a elevation of 8,200 ft. You will be able to enjoy all the beauty surrounding the city, as well as nearby. But be warned you will notice a loss of energy and breath until you adapt to the elevation. There is zipling near to Cuenca, Rock climbing, jogging trails and bicycle groups. You have the Cajas and the Andes to explore. Not to mention on the archeological sites and cool towns. You will find lots to do.

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