Is it still possible to see a Duponts Lark on a day trip out of Barcelona? Is it possible to see Wallcreeper Between 14 and 18 sept 2011


City: Barcelona

Autonomous community: Catalonia

Country: Spain


You can find them in Guadalajara ( not very far from Madrid )
Let me send you a text that I found.

Last Saturday a group of partners and supporters of SEO/BirdLife we visited the reservoirs of Guadalajara in what was the last excursion of the 2010, which already gives its last leftovers. But we were expecting a day of cold, but the truth is that we had pleasant temperatures most of the time and barely saw some rain in our move toward the reservoir of Almoguera. After a technical stop for breakfast in Sacedón we headed toward the prey of Entrepeñas.

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The guys here will be able to tell you and also point you towards the best birding spots.
According to the Catalan Wikipedia, there is only one place in Catalonia where you find Duponts Lark (Alosa Becuda): in the Timoneda d'Alfés, in the Segrià county some 2-3h drive from Barcelona.

As for Wallcreepers (Pela-roques), they are easier to find. It is common in the Pyrenees, but outside of the summer they come down to other areas such as: the Oliana, Sant Ponç i la Baells reservoirs, the Cardona Castle, as well as the mountains of Montcau and Montserrat.

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