Looking for #Montreal recommendations - places to eat - any suggestions?@localyte #travel


City: Montreal

Province: Quebec

Country: Canada


La Coupole on rene-Levesque at the corner of rue de la Montagne, it is inside the new Crystal Hotel and offers breakfast, lunch and dinner courtesy of an amazing food program designed by Gino Mourin, who is responsible for the dining legacy created at Verses Restaurant in Old Montreal, another wonderful location to savor local delicacies and watch a good floor show. Verses is inside Hotel Nelligan, often patronized by movie stars in town for various movie shoots. New on the scene is Lucca Y Franco on rue Saint-Denis just north of Sherbrooke Street, where you will find a very hip, tapas menu of Italian delights, centered around a wood-burning pizza oven and thanks to Roberto, who is the son of one of the Plateau's venerable neighborhood chefs, so you know you're in good hands. Great place to watch a hockey or soccer game, and the terrace fronts on an active stream of passers-by, making it a great place for people watching. There's many more for sure but these should get you fed in grand style and entertain you at the same time.
You want to stay downtown, expensive hotel or small budget hotel? It is not specifi. About food. Very good food for all budget. Multicultural city. So food from all around the world. Are you coming soon. If yes, there is plenty of Festival during Spring and Summer. Having more detail will help me to help you. Fabienne, Laval, Quebec

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