Will a taxi hold 5 people in Beijing?


City: Beijing

Municipality: Beijing

Country: China


Hahaha! Well, it depends on how fat they are. :)

No, it's the same everywhere. A car will fit 3 in the back and one front passenger.
There are a few sedan taxis that hold 7, but don't stand on the corner and wait for one. :)
taxis in Beijing will only hold 4 passengers and one driver. If you need a car for 5 or more, you can call the taxi company and order a van. There are many companies. The cars have the phone numbers on the vehicles. Or contact the concierge at one of the local hotels for information and good luck with your travels.
Just four guys. Three in back and one in front.
No, three in the back and 1 in the front.
Normally not.
totally 4 people
Most taxis will hold 4+ the driver depending on the size of the taxi and the size of the passengers. Also it depends on if the driver is willing to take that many people or not. I have had some taxi drivers only willing to take 3.

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