Which HDB in Singapore would be the best one -which is close to a park for the kids, close to a church and close to school NPS


City: Singapore

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Country: Singapore


Just about all HDB estates would be close to a park. It just depends on how big a park you want but there will be a play area for kids. Parks will be close by and Singapore being what it is, small, other parks would not be a problem getting to.

Again, churches are all around. Do you have a specific denomination? If you belong to a major denomination, eg, Methodist, Baptist, Anglican, Presbyterian, etc, there should be one within 15 min drive if not less.

Each estate will have at least one primary and one secondary school. Most will have more. What is NPS?

Singapore is a compact city/country and 1 hour's driving will get you to anywhere you need to go. Amenities like schools, malls, parks, etc, will be present in the estates unless it is ultra new. If you have specifics, it might help narrow things down. The most important consideration for most people would be location from workplace or downtown.
If you say school NPS, is it being Nanyang Primary School? This school is located in private landed estate known as Bukit Timah. This primary school had been attended my current prime minister and his siblings due to parents' decision to study on Mandarin.

Practically wherever you go, worship places are conveniently located opposite to bus terminals or central of the town. Neighbourhood parks are also very near. Churches of Methodist, Baptist, Anglican, Presbyterian and Roman Catholic are located in various locations such as Central Business District has at 4 churches already with Methodist has at least 5 churches on Indians and Chinese.

In fact, Singapore has a very good on religious harmony which can't be breakable due to all religions have mutal agreement to conduct own religious praying in their required locations being alloted by the government of Republic of Singapore.

Some churches are located next to Christian schools being similar to Buddhist schools are located next to temples where you are able to find more surprises.

Furthermore, you will be surprised of Chinese temple is located next to India's Hinduism temple in Central Business District.

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