I am traveling to tuscany with my family this upcoming June. My children are 15/13/9. Can you make any recommendations for us? Thank you!

We will be staying in a villa for 2 weeks near Cortona and will have a car then entire time. Both my wife and I speak conversational Italian and have been to Italy on three occasions in the past. We are not looking for 'tourist' experiences but real and authentic travel experiences. Thank you!


City: Firenze

Region: Tuscany

Country: Italy


Hello Marior,
There are some nice little towns you can travel to throughout Tuscany. One I would suggest is called Vallombrosa, which is near the town of Pontassieve. It is on top of a hill that has a gorgeous view of the valley of Florence below. Another city, if you like wine, is to head down to Castellina in Chianti. There are vineyards on every turn and is worth the trip. There are many agriturismos along the way too so you can spend your time jumping from one vineyard to another. The people are very friendly as well! You will be able to use your Italian language skills freely.

Katie Greenaway
Local Expert of Florence
thank you so much for your answer!! Do you offer guide services? We may be looking for someone to take us around a bit. My email is . Please let me know. Grazie!

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