What is the best way to Courtyard Prage flora from the airport?


City: Prague

Region: Central Bohemia

Country: Czech Republic


the most comfortable way is to take a taxi. "AAA Radiotaxi" is a company officially operating at the airport. they have yellow cars. for more info check

also you can travel by public transport - in your case it would be bus 119 from the airport to Dejvicka station and transfer to metro (subway) line A going from Dejvicka to Flora. a transfer ticket (valid for 75/90 minutes) costs CZK 26. for more info check:
Travel by public transport mentioned above is pretty easy. Just one change and you are directly at the destination within an hour (45 minutes would be an average).And when you get to Dejvicka by bus you are not dependent on traffic any more in oposite to taxi which could be affected by it very strongly because you travel to the other end of the city.
Just to clear it up AAA Radiotaxi is just one of the many choices. There are otherones which can make the same service to you and they can also come and pick you at the airport. Profitaxi, Citytaxi, Blue Angels etc. Its safer (for your money) to call the taxi by phone or use the yellow AAA than pick some at the street. Prices of those catched on the street are not easily controlled and when you do not pay attention to the price-list at the car doors, you can spend a fortune needlessly. When you go by taxi and you are asked whether to go through the city or around it, keep in mind that the way through the city is about one third shorter and both ways could be jammed, especially in the morning (8-9:30 a.m.) and evening (5-7 p.m.) peak. And you can get beautiful first-sight-seeing tour for free ;o)
Bus and Taxi are the only choices for airport, and Taxi is the only reasonable one for someone visiting for the first time. AAA is the only choice for transportation from the airport, and the best choice returning. Be sure to take a RETURN coupon from the cab, and you will get a 47% discount on your return TO the airport.

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