How much does it rain in June? I've read conflicting information - one site said it rains over 20 inches in June.


City: Cancun

State: Quintana Roo

Country: Mexico


Remember we are in the tropics and a rain shower usually doesn't last long. Showers will sometimes form in the afternoon or early evening and are gone as fast as they appear. The only exception would be a tropical wave that may dump rain for a day or so. As far as predicting how much, I wouldn't worry about it. I've been here about a year now and haven't been rained out yet. hope this helped! :>)
Great question. These are the tropics. So, as already pointed out, rainfall appears and is gone faster than one thinks. Another factor to consider is Hurracaine season. Some years are more active than others. I will speak of averages since that is more realistic than just one event. The average rainfall for June is 177.8 mm (or 7 inches). It also averages rainfall 19 days out of the month of June. Like already pointed out, tropical rain comes and goes more often than actually not. Most hotels/ condos warn against leaving sliding doors open while out at the rain appears and is gone quite fast. Here is a resource to see more data.


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These are both great and accurate answers that you've already received. Here's a link to an interesting summary of Cancun in June (including weather!). website

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