Desert Beaches

Where is the far off beaches that hardly anyone goes to? like people wanna really "getaway"... Is it Western Australia? or on the east coast also..?


City: Sydney

State: New South Wales

Country: Australia


Hi thanks for the question

there are a few places in and around the coastal parts of Australia and all over - it raly depends on what you are looking for and seeking you don't want too far away that you cannot replenish your food and water supplies or even emergency help if this was needed . . . and you do want it to be fairly accessible . . some areas are no go zones becasue they frequented by Crocodiles . . .

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If I were you I would hire a campervan and find somewhere you like and stay there. It would be better than finding a beach house. I went to Batemans Bay once down in the national park there and it was beautiful camped right on the beach until the ranger told us the next day to move to the camp ground but there were no other people there. I do believe that the north coast of Western Australia has some stunning beaches although I am not too sure which ones are good for surfing at. Probably best to do a google search.
Have you tried the Philippines?

There are good beaches in the Philippines. Far as they are. You can even enjoy the great underwater landscape. You will enjoy scuba diving.
sorry for the delay: was all set to answer in very short order indeed, but have had some digital problems. there are more beaches than you can poke a stick at, down under and, if you pick your moment, you'll find most of them deserted; or near as dammit. far-off beaches? far off from what(?), I'd have to ask. and what would you consider far off, in terms of distance? how long is a piece of string? the fact is you can get away, and feel like you're a million miles from anything and anyone, within very short proximity to sydney. of course, as instinct appears to inform you, the west coast will doubtless provide you with countless secluded spots. but, yes, the east coast, also. for example, on the very tip of (greater) sydney's northern peninsula, you'll find picturesque, peaceful Palm Beach, with an atmosphere all its own: a long, broad beach ideal for strolls, picnics or, of course, swimming. it's a wild ocean beach, so it probably pays to be a strong swimmer, at that. there's a lighthouse at one end, which you can climb to view. right behind the beach is an idyllic bay, Pittwater, a broad aquatic expanse very much favoured by boaties.

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