How much does it cost to go Parasailing


City: Ocho Rios

Parish: Saint Ann

Country: Jamaica


Since you are on a budet we will try and get it for $75.00
i know where you could get it done for us$80. Where exactly would you be staying some of the resorts are right by the beach where these things are offered!
Yes I can take u To whichever beach u desire to go paarasailing at.
some hotels offer parasailing. however, paragliding requires hands on experience and possibly a pilot licence. there are no licence requirement in jamaica...yet. if you are experienced pilot i can get you flying....only offered in kingston. 876 361 1692 price negotiable
it will cost about $100 us
Average price for a parasail ride is about $80US for one ride. If you are part of a group you can get price breaks on more than one ride.
I am sure if you are staying in the ocho rios egion I will find it between US$60- $70

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