Hey whats up? Im in Ireland for 2-3 days around july 5. Me and a buddy are goin both age 24. Looking to party and for a few day activities

Wanna come party w us? Any advice on main things to avoid/things to do in the few days were there?


City: Dublin

County: Dublin

Country: Ireland


Being honest you would be better asking on a site like Trip Advisor where you will get answers from younger Dublin experts. But for my contribution (the only one you are likely to get) on here. Temple Bar and Graffton St are the main areas for the half my age crowd and you will be well advised by the locals if you get yourselves down there. The Guinness Storehouse and Kilmainham Gaol would be my recommendations for sights in the city but there are several more and you will have no problem filling your time.

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