Would it be easy to get taxi after clubbing in Club Mecca area ? If so, is it safe ?


City: Prague

Region: Central Bohemia

Country: Czech Republic



it is safer to order taxi over phone rather than grabbing it on the street in my opinion. i always use Taxi Praha, which you can call at +420 222 111 000. Also some other great companies are City Taxi at +420 257 257 257 or AAA Taxi at +420 14014. The usual price per km in Prague is CZK 24.
Definitely the bigger taxi companies are safer then taking a taxi on the street. You will wait just about ten minutes and you have some telephone number where you can check whether the price was OK. And bigger companies have their good name in their mind more than anonymous taxi-drivers. And if you cannot help yourself and try to take a taxi on the street, keep your eye on the doors of car. There must be information on the name of taxidriver and prices for km and for "embarquement" 20-30 CZK per km and 40-60 CZK per embarquement is OK but some taxidrivers are more thieves than taxidrivers and their fees exceed reasonable levels extremely

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