Hi! Does a Diners Club credit card is a valid credit card in Amsterdam or should I bring another one with... THANK YOU.


City: Amsterdam

Province: Noord-Holland

Country: Netherlands


Hi Asaf,
Wellcome to Holland !...Most of the Credit Cards are accepted here, however Diners is not everywhere, maybe I should bring another one as MasterCard or Visa.
Hello, the diners club card will only be accepted at a few places. Also you will not be able to use any kind of cash machines to get euros out. My advise is to bring a Mastercard or Visa. Try bringing your own normal bank card also. Check if it says Maestro on it somewhere,if it does you will not have to pay an extra fee to get cash money from machine(it will then work here). So, my advise: Bring your normal bank card + a mastercard. Have fun in amsterdam.
Yes, but it's always better to have various credit cards.
It's a valid credit card but a lot of places don't accept this credit card, so I will suggest too bring another one as well. Such as Mastercard or Visa or an American Express.
Welcome to the Netherlands!
Like Marcel wrote above, take your Mastercard, and check the Maestro sign on other cards.
By being able to take cash anywhere, it gives you the flexibility to try the restaurants and places, off the beaten path. Get surprised and enjoy it!
dinewrsw club is a valid creditcaRD HERE.

but i can tell you not a lot of companies accept it, because not many people use it.

so it would be better to bring an extra other card, just in case.

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Credit Card in general are not often used in our country. We pay with our bankcard not our credit card. If you use credit cards be aware of the fact you might have to pay a fee for using your card!
This is not exactly right.
credit cards are used more and more often and there are very few shops/restaurants/companies who will charge you extra for using a credit card!
Being a once Diners Club member, before deciding to terminate any further use, most members of DC are aware of its exclusive privilege use but equally, limited coverage especially outside Asia and the northern Americas.

In contrast to other parts including Europe and in particular The Netherlands to answer yr specific concern, you are advised to have more options like Visa and/or Master or even Amex, another privilege card but just as widely accepted here in our country.

I hope this helps you in answering your interesting query which don't pop up too often if not at all so far.... ;)
As all above have said. Make sure you take a mastercard visacard with you or an AMEX but preferably the first.
This one should be accepted everywhere.

Enjoy your time in Amsterdam :)
it's better to have several cards with you :) however, withdrawing money from an ATM and using cash is very handy in small places like coffee shops or small groceries, parking etc.
Hello Asaf,
In Holland it is still more common to use a debetcard instead of a creditcard. So keep in mind that creditcards aren't excepted everywhere. Bring cash with you (or get it at an atm, where you can use your creditcard) so you're sure you'll also be able to pay in the smaller restaurants and shops.
Have fun and enjoy Amsterdam, it's great!
In contrast to your response and that made earlier on Eva's, Credit card usage do get surcharged which is bad for the tourism & promotion as a whole if yr CC is issued outside The Netherlands.

However, Retailers and hardware shops are not obliged NOT to surcharge for their acceptance in recognizing the CC card for payment. This is esp. so with foreign issued CCs.

Restaurants as a whole with the exception of a very minute and rare percentage, do not surcharge your foreign issued CC but it is safer to ask in advance if you hate being surprised unpleasantly when footing the bill.

I'm not and never keen nor rely the value & worth of Debit Cards but there are reasons for many who depend on them as oppose to CCs.

Anyone who holds a Diners Club has a stronger financial stable status on acquiring the other major cards easily.

Not the other way round unless U R a Gold or Platinum card holder with no current negative balance at all!!!
I think everyone's being overly positive with their answers! Diners card will be accepted almost nowhere in Holland. Even mastercard or visa will not be accepted in many supermarkets and smaller hotels or restaurants. Holland is very much a chip and pin country, but these days most foreign pin cards work here.

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