can we fish in cairo and where


City: Cairo

Governorate: Al Qahirah

Country: Egypt


the best place to go for fishing is "Qanater El Khairiya",North of Cairo and about 22 KM from down town
Kanater El Khaireya. It was built in the year 1843 by Mohamed Ali. It was opened in 1868 and has since become an attraction for school and youth trips. It was built on more than five hundred kilometers. It was originally built to stop the Nile water from flooding the agricultural land. There was a rest house for King Farouk there and also another one for the past Egyptian president, Anwar El Sadat.

The Kanater is now used as a little bridge for people and motorcycles, as cars are not permitted to pass on it. People go there to chat and watch the Nile. It has two awesome, huge towers at the entrance. After passing these two towers, there is a small hanging bridge that opens when ships need to pass through. The whole scene is magnificent, and the Nile is very calm and reflects the view of the Kanater. It is a wonderful place for a family or school picnic.

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