The statue you see when arriving


City: Buenos Aires

Autonomous city: Distrito Federal

Country: Argentina


The Obelisc, on 9 of July Avenue.
I'm not sure of what you are referring to, but there are several statues and monuments throughout the city...

One of the most famous landmarks (as Helen said) is the Obelisk, but I wouldn't call it a "statue" :-)
What statue? Statue or Monument?
The obelisk is one of the main icons of the city and a venue for various cultural activities and other events. It is the traditional gathering spot for sports fans to celebrate when their favourite team wins, especially from the national football team, often resulting in colorful events that attract media coverage.

The obelisk was built to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the first founding of the city so I guess it can be called statue!!

Perhaps you could explain something else about that statue. Its shape or another feature.
Hello! The monument you see when you come to Canning, is called the "Rotonda de la mujer" or "Women´s rondabout". It is a twisted column maden in some metal, inside of a fountain, and there are color lights shining in the night aroun it. It was presented past March 2011, and it was divised by Dulce Granados, a diputy, married to the mayor of Ezeiza. There is an small garden aroun the fountain, and a cartel which says that our country had grown by the effort of our most resistant material, argenitian women.
The question is not very clear, maybe you mean "the symbol/ statue of B.A.? In this case The Obelisc is the right answer, but is we talk about statues, you will find many ones in B.A., most of them had been maked in the 19 century, "Las Nereidas", ""Monumento a los Españoles",, almost all the parks have many beautiful statues, but the most symbolic of B. A. is The Obelisc.

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