We are traveling to Turkey in beginning of November 2009 and we are looking for a furnished apartment in Kusadasi (including Internet...

...access) for 3 to 6 months. Can anybody help or direct me?


City: Kusadasi

Province: Izmir

Country: Turkey


I`m owner of incoming travel company to Ukraine.

that is our web sites. with 1st one we work about 3 years, 2nd - we just start new project! :)

i will make good discount for all who will come from !
email me to my personal email:


hı there thıs ıs nerdem ı am a lıcensed tour guıde ın kusadası and ı have one to rent wıht ınternet access ıf you want contact wıth me
contact me via email,
ı'm living in kusadası ı can help mail adress is u
Hello! My name is Hamza,the owner of travel agency in Kusadasi. I have got a partner, who can offer you a furnished appartment with internet to you for following price: 1250 EURO (for 3 months), 2110 EURO (for 6 months). I can also send you the photos of the apartments, if you write me an email: .
If you wish,we can also offer you luxury appartments: 1880 EURO (3 monts), 3100 EURO (6 months), the photos I can also send you per emails.
If you have any interest, please contact me per:
There are many real estate brokers in Kusadasi. So, you can communicate with them. Find contact in internet. They will help you.
can you refer me to one?

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