Life in Cape Town

Hi, I will travel to Cape Town cuzz Im going to study in EF. What about the life in Cape Town??..pls tell me about the prices, the currency between dolar and the local money, how much the things in Cape Town, you know, fruits, groceries, etc. Thank you!!!!


City: Cape Town

Province: Western Cape

Country: South Africa


Hi there,

The Rand is weaker than the dollar ..nearly 7 for 1dollar so it willl be cheaper for you.
You can shop here for R300 for vegetables and foor and than can last a good couple of days.
Cape Town may be expensive in other areas.
It is a beautiul city to live in.
Hi Maria, you would love your time in Cape Town, it is definately one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
The following would give you a good indication on how much things cost:
* Bread = 1 USD
* Milk 1 litre = 1 USD
* Nice meal in restaurant = between 10 and 20 USD
* Going to the movies = between 3 and 7 USD

Make sure that you also go and see as much as possible of the surroundings. We do tours that are very popular with students and if you give localyte as a reference to me you can get 20% discount on the normal rates. See website, email.

Enjoy every moment!
Thank you soooooo much!!!!!!!
Hola, y bienvenidos a Sud Afrika!

La Ciudad del Cabo es muy caro. En general los precios son mas de los en Sud Amerika - no se porque. Johan ya contesto con precios en general. Fuera de la ciudad podria ser mas barato, pero, como es la cuidad mas turistica de Sud Afrika es caro. Hay discuentos para estudientes por las entradas a muchas sitios.

En general, es muy hermosa, tranquila y vas a disfrutar su estancia con nosotros.

Hasta luego!

Gracias por la atencion a esta dijeron que como estudiante gastare unos $125 por semana...estare con una familia anfitriona... me daran desayuno y cena..yo tengo q poner mi transporte y almuerzo...los fines de semana si tengo las tres comidas donde la familia...muchas gracias :D
HI Maria

Cape Town is the most beautiful city in Africa and some say the world but you can experience that yourself. As Johan says student tours or tours in and around Cape Town are a must, you have to experience as much of The Cape as possible. Apart from "hotspots2c" there is also the red and blue route (hop on, hop off) tour buses which are great and also explain places of interest in several different languages.

The prices are very reasonable in South Africa due to the Dollar being stronger than the Rand, about R 7.00 to every US$.

We hope you enjoy your trip to Cape Town and South Africa.


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