What's the best 'off the beaten path' thing to do in Cairo - something not everyone sees/does?


City: Cairo

Governorate: Al Qahirah

Country: Egypt


There is a lot of old houses in islamic Cairo. You can visit the city oh Deaths and old Mausoleums closed to the public, the quarter of Mother Teresa(The district of chests of drawers)
In Cairo you can do many stuff you can go for Nile cruse you can go to the zoo if you love and of course the pyramids Cairo at night is so good you can to el houseen it like outdoor open market you can find like the classical cafes you can have Egyptian drinks and many stuff you can go to the tower too there water park call Aqua park it 5 min from Cairo you can go if your interesting old Cairo like you can go to azhar park and you can go the the castle and Mohamed Ali mosque feel free to ask me more Qu on my email
i think going to st. catherine monastery , because hiking the mountain is tiring so not everyone goes there
u can also try para sailing and kite surfing at Sharm el sheikh or Hurghada these activities are espensive 4 egyptians so usually ppl dont do them
u also can spend a day in a local house and live like them .. and visit the old churches in old cairo ... its amazing .. and i can help u in this with pleasure .. if ok u can add me on y a h o o as remonfouad or call me on 0020101766271
u can go to the hardrock cafe in night, and enjoy the food and dance,, it is located in grand hayat hotel, and also there is a place called mokhito where u have a good time in the night in a open air "sky lounge ",, it is in nile hotel,,, and by the way it depends on what u wanna do ,, and how old r u ,, u can contact me on if u need anything
Hi like every body else i have to know are you a fussy eater or your willing to try diffrent taste? i dont think you have come to Cairo to eat mcs or kfc
my house looks like egyptian museum , u can visit me this is my number 02 0108195191 and u can e-mail me :
the camel market in giza...something you will not see anywhere else
what about a land tour with original egyptian farming food?
foreigner rarely sees or does things like that. i host you with pleasure. just contact me :
have a walk in sharea el moeaz in old islamic cairo and see the old houses and gates and superp mosques
have a walk in sharea el moeaz in old islamic cairo and see the old houses and gates and superp mosques
Go to poor places in Cairo and eat authentic Egyptian food
first-but only with egyptian guide- the City of the Dead and the monestary in Mokkatam hills, second is fayoum and third is Fagnoun Art village- u'll love this one by the way-
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You really want to know what is 'off the beaten path’...!!!! first you can visit old Egypt as they call it (masr elkadema) places around the Hossien and Azhar mosque and khan elkhalily... but this is not so off path...
What is really not done by tourists is visiting (the random habitation) as they call it.. it is places were poor people live in very old and small and stinky houses... this makes the one fell the poor and thank god on what he lives in.... it is a thing that is really not seen by everyone.. Even people living nearby.. "Pathetic right"
Visit Al Azhar Park, a beautiful new park in Cairo that has brilliant restaurants and delightful landscaping - an escape from chaotic Cairo.

Visit one of the old houses such as Wekalet El Ghoury where you can see the collection of tannoura and even join the tourists for a tannoura show on some nights of the week.

Go to the Cairo Jazz Club, it's not always jazz (everything from modern Egyptian folk through funk, jazz fusion to rock and roll) but the atmosphere and music are excellent.

Visit the Nilometer on Roda Island, one of the oldest structures in Cairo.

Visit the Wassa Wasef tapestry centre out near Saqqara - an incredible project...

There's a long list. We are happy to help anyone find something a little different to do - find Nile Wave Travel at , become a fan, stay in touch and watch the notes space interesting information..

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