Do you think that a visit to the Eiffel tower would be worthwhile? I'm planning a vacation this May, can you give me any tips?

Do you know the best way to get there if you are coming off the Netherlands?


City: Paris

Region: Ile-de-France

Country: France


Of course if you visit Paris (and Spring is the best season for it !), and you've never been to the Eiffel Tower, yes, then you should !

If you come by train you will arrive in the Gare du Nord. I assume you will go to a hotel from there first.

In any case traveling in Paris is on foot and by subway. If you are staying for a few days at least, get a Paris Pass for the subway (ParisVisite for all means of transport).
To visit the Eiffel tower take the subway to 'Trocadero' station, from there you can walk to the tower, about 10 minutes.

Here's a nice site about Paris, and metro (subway):
Yes, definitely. And be sure to eat those amazing chocolate croissants.
Of course it is worthwhile! In fact, I would recommend dinner at the Altitude 95 too. I would book it direct though, not through a tour operator or you'll get ripped off...Paris is like that.

Also, buy a museum pass, it will save you a ton. It won't help with the Eiffel tower, but it will help at most sights.
It's right on Trocadero, and yes, it's definitely worth visiting, especially if you are with a camera - you can get some very nice views of the city from there. Another two great places to see most of the city are the top of Tour de Montparnasse and from Montmartre hill.
sure! i understand that maybe popularity can little bit take you off the spot, but eiffel tower is something what i would really advice to visit. when i arrived in france to start my life there it took me daysss to check it out, but from the moment i saw it first time it just keeps me impressing :)

in case you need montmartre tour, i am expert in it. dont hesitate to contact me :)

take care, chris
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enjoy :)

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