Hello! I'm planning to go to Vidampark in Budapest, the website it's in Hungarian ...anyway... I want to know details, like if it's... this weekend, the entrance fees, the amusements fees, all that info would be really helpful. How to get there once I arrive to Budapest. Is it near downtown? any cheap hotels around there? I will take my car(from Bucharest) , but if somebody knows a cheaper way to get there from here, even better! Thanx a lot!!


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It is open on this weekend. It's open until november.
The entrance fee is: 4700 HUF (c.a. 17 Euro).
It includes almost all the rides. You only have to pay for a few atraction inside.

It is at a pretty good place in Budapest, you can get there very easy. You have to take Metro line 1 (Yellow line) and go until the stop called: "Széchenyi fürdő". Once you get off you only have to go a little by walk.
The schedule you can check it here:

I hope I helped!
hi, this weekend it is open, from 10 am until 18 pm, the cashier closed at 16 pm, full price ticket is 4700 (no additional fee is needed except some games for children), with Budapest Card you get 15% discount.

the cheaper way... can't tell for sure, but if you buy a bus ticket, i think is the cheapest way.. from Cluj maybe it is only 10-20 Euro.... look around at the romanian bus services....
Hi there,

The VidamPark is open from 10am till 6pm all weekends in October, and closes after the 1st November.
There is a set adult price of 4700 HUF as an entry fee, but they also offer 10% discount on that on the weekends of October.

It is downtown, and easily accessable by the Yellow metro line, Line 1.

Not sure about the petrol cost from Bucharest, but since WizzAir terminated their flights from Bucharest to Budapest, that might be the best option to come by car.

With regards to the accommodation, I would recommend you take a look at the below link:

Enjoy your weekend!!

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Hi, the entrance fee is 4700 HUF for adults, after 9 pm.2500 HUF, on the first,second and third Friday in October (02., 09., 16) 2990 HUF to everyone, other discounts are available on weekends (10% discount after each purchased 5000 HUF and you can have 15% discount on Budapest Card).The entrance fee includes free entrance to everywhere, except a few things (as I remember House of Horror costs 400 HUF). Once you are in Budapest you can find it easily.Underground line No.1 (yellow) to Szechenyi Bath and from there 2 minutes walk, or tram No.1 to Kacsoh Pongrac ut and from there 2 minutes walk.I can't help with accomodation in the area but wherever you find, Vidampark is easy to approach.Have fun!
Salut! Poate e tirziu raspunsul, da totusi. Cu pretul de intrare cred ca ai aflat detaliile, daca vi, sa vi cu masina. Cam 10 ore de condus, dar dupa aia te misti mai usor pe aici. Ca hotel dute la "Délibáb", aia sint aproape de Parc, si au si parcare pazita. Mult noroc so distractie maxima :-)
here are the ticket prices by the calendar:

normally the ticket cashier is closing at 4 PM and the amusement park closes at 6 PM at this time of the year

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