Snakes in guayaquil

Hi Im from England and im coming to Guayaquil in July to do some volunteer work on an animal conservation project. I have a phobia of snakes, is there many snakes in Guayaquil? Many Thanks Laura


City: Guayaquil

Province: Guayas

Country: Ecuador


dont worried about that, at dont have snakes in the city. Please visit this

No problem at all!! Don't worry about snakes in Guayaquil.
Hi , The Guayaquil city, at dont have snakes, why Guayaquil dont have sea, only have a big ria, his name is Ria Guayas, and is very beautifull, I life in Manta my city is too very pretty, if you can a conections for you job, I think I can help you, I know a lot people in my city, take care..bye bye
Hey, of course not. I'm from Guayaquil and I've never seen a snake so far.

There are snakes in Ecuador but most of them can be found in the rainforest, the region known as the "Oriente".

But rest assured that there are no snakes in Guayaquil whatsoever.
Yes, there are, but just in in the outside of Guayaquil, I have visited so many tines Guayaquil and I haven't seen any snake in the city.
Not at all... But there are lizards thou. Plenty of 'em :)
Hii!!! How are you!!! Of course but much better is in Quito... They have a place with only snakes the name is serpentarium search in google have a nice afternoon!!! :) :)
Hello there.. I am with you on that, do not like them, don´t want to see them. In the city you will never see them around, now, if you go in to the nature surrounding the city or going inland you might found small ones... But they will not harm you. Just come to Guayaquil, and enjoy your trip, it is a great city, the largest one in Ecuador, and the hall country is a mosaic of culture.. if you need any other info, let me know.. by for now..
Hello Laura,

There are a lot of snakes in our forest, several species. But of course normmaly in the forest and they are so well hide that the chance to see one is very difficult.
In my case I have worked for 10 year in a Protected area and I have never had a bad experience with a snake. Let me know when you are going to be here, to show some good places.
Hi there, if you are going to work on an animal conservation project there might be some there (you should ask your co-workers)... but in the CITY of course not... we are not in the middle of the jungle (as many people may think) so don´t worry you won't have snakes near by. (but there might be some mice :( )
You're super pretty
Hi, I´m David so if your are going to stay inside the city your are not gonig to find any snake but if you go outside the city take a little bit care about it. so if you like volunteer wors & projects you can contact us for more volunteer projects in Ecuador and into the Galapagos Islands.

Best Regards

David C.- Learning Tours
No Laura, There isnt much snakes in Guayaquil, but if you go to a animal conservation center, it is probably that you can find some snakes, but no a lot ones. Luck!
Hello, there is almost no such snakes in the city of Guayaquil, almost nothing in the rural area.
There are no snakes in Guayaquil, cause its a big concrete made big city, the only reptile you will find in public parks are Iguanas, and you will love them.
Hey!!! Welcome to Ecuador.
Dont worry, Guayaquil is a big City!
there is not snake here! =P
hey, so here in Guayaquil we don´t have a lot of snakes maybe in places near the river but still not something to be worried about. do you know exactly where are you going to be or where is this animal conservation gonna be placed?? maybe we can help you some more.. i hope you have a great time here! :)
hello, in the city of Guayaquil we have no snakes, so do not worry about it, if there is lots of fun and nice places to visit, if you need more help when you get this is my mobile number 089720731 Henry
hello, well no in Guayaquil there are not snakes, we are a big city and we dont have sankes in city,
hey dear Laura, The snakes in Guayaquil gonna be a little imposible to find them because the strees produced by the people kill everyone around the cities, so dont be worried and come to guayaquil relaxed about it
You only get snakes out of the city or those places where are close to the river, I dont have seen a snake since I was born, thanks to God!
you should ask your co workers the places where you are gona make your research... yes there are snakes it a lot fo places, even popullated ones... so ask first and make shure you carry the appropiate equipment ... it is obvious that you won't find a snake in the city, but around the city in but around the city in marginal areas near the estuary r the rivers you would find some, but harmless ... i studied biology for one year so i know a lil .. contact me :D
Dear Friend in Guayaquil there are no snakes, in the forest you may find some but they hide so is very hard to find one and only when the snakes are in real danger they attack.So is easier to win the lotery than having an encounter with an Animal snake.
I wish you enjoy Ecuador as I do

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