If i want to have some trip in Beijing for several days ,How much cost for (transport,meal,tickets)? and where do I must...

...visit? [Hotel booked]


City: Beijing

Municipality: Beijing

Country: China


Tickets for what?

Meals here are easy, I'd recommend simply using chinese markets or restaurants. The places for foreigners are very expensive.

You'll save a lot of money if you use the subway instead of taxis.

I'd recommend you see YongHeGong (Lama Temple) and the Great Wall. (There's a subway stop right underneath the temple but arranged trips to the wall can get a little pricey)

If you shop, try YaShow market. Your hotel should be able to arrange some things for you.
The Must See places in Beijing are The Great Wall, The Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven, the YongHeGong Lama Temple, Behai Park/HouHai and old hutongs in the surrounding area, and the Summer Palace. All admission tickets are approximately 30-100 rmb per person and are easy to get to by public transportation using the underground subway lines. Your hotel can give you details of the stops or stations you need to go to. You can reach the Great Wall and the Summer Palace by special buses or hire a car for a day for around 500rmb to the Great Wall and slightly less for the Summer Palace. Meals will be inexpensive if you eat at local restaurants near your hotel and avoid Western restaurants where the prices will be considerably higher. One meal for one person in a local restaurant could be 30-50 rmb...slightly higher if you are eating in a famous local chain restaurant - 4 people can eat for less than 200 rmb each meal with breakfasts much cheaper. Enjoy your trip to Beijing
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Subway is definitely a convenient and economic way to see around Beijing city including the Forbidden City, Tian'an men Square, Heaven Temple, Qianmen Street and Wangfujing Market, etc.
The Great Wall is another recommendation. I'm sure your hotel could help you arrange the transport to there, since it's a little bit far away.
I agree with to try some traditional chinese food. It could be easier and cheaper if can go with some chinese friends :) Good luck! and may you will have great time in Beijing, China!
many place can be worth to see.mutianyu great wall , summer palace.yiananmen square.

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