Is there anything to do or places to stay in Qabangeni?


Province: Eastern Cape

Country: South Africa


Hi I dont stay close to Qabangeni and I dont know that specific town, but i do know that general area very well as I grew up not very far from there. Even though Qabangeni falls in the Eastern Cape province the closest main centre just happens to be in the Kwazulu Natal province. That part of the world is very pretty and some arears still very natural as they are preserved reserves. Their is loads to do and see and some awsome places to stay. Depending on what you like to do would determine where you would go. There are loads of beaches, historical monuments, shopping, casino's, Hicking, horse riding, a traditional Zulu village and literally heaps more things to do. If you want to be more specific about what it is you like doing I will be more than happy to give you more specific information.
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