How do I get the easiest/fastest/cheapest way from Bali to Kalimantan (Borneo) to visit the Tanjung Puting Orangutans?


City: Bali

Province: West Java

Country: Indonesia


By Plane......need the details ?

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the easiest and the fastest way definitely by plane, but since you have to use a connection flights, sometimes the price could be very high, esp if you are doing a budget travel. The cheapest way but also taking a longer time to get there is by a mix mode of transportation. You can take a bus or a connection train to Surabaya and then jump into a ferry boat to Sampit, But since it doesnt serve on regular basis, it is highly recommended for youto learn first about the ferry schedules ( It's up to you to choose between the more smooth or the more adventurous way to get there...
By plane for sure, find the promo, is more cheapest. to balikpapan and find a tour operator who can pick you up at the airport to go direct to ther Tanjung Puting. Enjoy the trip...
The island of Kalimantan and the island of Bali is separated by quite a distance at sea, so as such it would be best to travel by plane. Ferry/Ship is not practical, while by car is simply impossible. I believe you can try out the various local airlines from Bali's airport, or another way perhaps would be to fly transit passing Jakarta (depending on your budget)

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