Packing for Slovenia tomorrow morning. Hey #travel bloggers - got any tips for Portoroz? Trieste? #Slovenia


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Portorož is a sea side town with a lot of hotels and bars, casinos and stuff, very lively at high summer season. Trst (Trieste) is quite big town but really nothing to see there (if you are not in the shopping mode right now).

Check this web page, maybe you'll find sth interesting for you:
you should first rent a bike(), and than go around maybe to strunjan,... maybe krkavče...
eat lunch at "trije lovci" () in srgaši, šmarje pri kopru
than you should return back to portoroz late in the afternoon, and sit down in cafe and order biiiiig cup of coffee, enjoy the fresh air and maybe jump into the sea, if it is not too cold.

have fun, hope i helped you...

if you need somewhere to sleep, check out (great agency:) - and send an email, to get a good price for a good hotel or appartma.=)
Hope not to late :¦
Portorož - this week fair INTERNAUTICA in marine in Lucija, party will be on Sunday, it will be much more than fantastic. U must go to Alaya lounge caffe, go to see Palace hotel, thay have beatiful garden and architecture and inside design. Hotel Bernardin have the best spa center. Near the Croatia border are Sečovlje, very nice quiet place, is a Naturale park - special habitats for rare animals, they have also Skansen - museum on free about salt makers on our seaside and museum obout history of salt. A few salt pools U can also see in Strunjan. On seaside is also very beatiful Piran City, most comercial is Koper. Best wine I will get in Korte, best seafood in Primorka restaurant in Strunjan, near Talaso hotel.
Trieste - beatiful half Slovenien half Italien city. Go near the coast, there is most beatiful architecture and all important points. I always go to chapucin in main square. U must go to Miramar, the preschest Castel and park. If U will go from Koper to Trieste thrue Ankaran, street near the sea, U will see litlle vilage or city Mugga, like in dreams, time is stop there.

If U need something, just email me on or call on 0038640831629.

Nice trip,

If you search accomodation i can arange you place in hostel (15-25€per night), apartment (45-and up) or hotel from 45 and up in Piran (small town near Portorose). Bus drives every day to Trieste (he gets you to beautifull old part of town near port)or you can go with car from Portorose cca. 30min. You can find few turist info. centers in Portorose and Piran where you can book accomodation also. Have fun and visit me on boat Subaquatic in Piran.

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