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A friend and I will be traveling in Turkey: Istanbul, then Cappadocia, Ephesus and the Aegean Coast. We would appreciate any recommendations especially with regard to getting around the country. Also any recommendations on where to see Whirling Dervishes.


Country: Turkey


Dear Sabine
you can see dervishes in konya and I work near Cappadocia I am a mountain guide in aladag very nice area for trekkıng climbing and nature.I have also website adress is or you can contact me by e-mail
Please be sure that you will be very happy ıf you visit aladag it is 2 hours far to cappadocia with bus.
If you rent car you can came in 1 hour.Please write me to my e-mail.Your'S
Hi Sabine!

For getting around the country, I would use either the bus system (one of the most networked and best bus systems in the world) and/or fly. Some of the top and most trusted bus companies include:

Airlines in Turkey for domestic flights include:
Turkish Airlines
Onur Air

Bus travel is fairly comfortable, and very affordable. Turkey is an enormous country, and so depending on how much time you have, you can then decide if you want to fly or go by bus. Where on the Aegean Coast are you interested in visiting? Also, what season will you be here? Goreme in Cappadocia is supposed to be great, but I have not been. I have, however, been to Assos (on the Aegean coast) and loved it!

Have a great trip!
I would also highly recommend bus travel. I used it for traveling from Efes to Izmir and then again from Izmir to Ankara. I used Kamilkoç and they were great. No complaints at all. Additional, I did an overnight train from Ankara to Istanbul which was comfortable and a great way to get from the capital to Istanbul. One thing to note though is that the overnight train gets you into your destination VERY early... way before things open or rooms are available.
Thank you all for the info. I just came back from Turkey and had a fantastic time!

Dear Sabine;
Aegean coast , ephesus, pamukkale is very nearly. But start to visit cappadocia, Whirlinh Dervishes; and after go to Ephesus and pamukkale and after Aegean coast ıts better.
Because you will relax to and of the holiday is possible.

if you need to travel programs for there
could you send to e mail for me I will send to programs for yours
when you arrıve to turkey and how many days would you want visit; if you need to bus ticket and train ticket I will organization for yours.

see you soon


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