best an safest area to stay for 2 females I have currently booked the Providencia district. 2 females travelling.Good nightlife-restos/bars


City: Santiago

Region: Region Metropolitana

Country: Chile


Providencia is a safe place to stay, I also recommend you the neighborhood Lastarria & Bellas Artes in downtown, it's quite more fun ans safe too
I agree with Rodrigo that Providencia or Bellas Artes are both lively and fun. Statistically, Lastarria is not actually particularly safe, but that's more related to the number of alcohol-addled foreigners and locals walking around than anything that makes the area particularly unsafe. And it's lovely and beautiful, just keep an eye out on your way out of where you are, especially if you've been drinking.

You are unlikely to be targeted for being women, most street crime is of the snatch and grab variety, so the main precaution is to wear a purse that crosses your body (if at all), and keep your eye on it, and especially, keep physical contact with it when you are going out.

If you decide to go out in Providencia (which you should!), I'd stick closer to Roman Diaz and Miguel Claro and Manuel Montt than Suecia. There is a string of bars on the N. side of Suecia that tend to attract large groups of gringos and/or drunk people, which makes them ideal targets for ne'er-do-wells.

Two other places to go out are Bellavista (stick close to Pio Nono/Constituci├│n) or Barrio Brasil, though many Chileans will dispute (particularly Barrio Brasil's) safety. Depending on how many nights you're staying, you could choose a new place every night.

The Providencia┬┤s neighborhood is a good place to stay,eat and enjoy the night and everything.This is one of the goods neighborhood who we got here in Santiago.Good restaurants,places,museums,pubs,discos.
I also can recommend good Apart Hotel in downtown .In Front on Palacio de La Moneda .Apart Hotel with everything.Until with swimming pool, gym,laundry service. At low cost.

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