Soi Wanit 1 and wanit road.Is it the same or two roads?. Once in bangkok a tour guide took us down a small ally at china town running...

...between shops not enough for 2 people to pass by. It was full of everything, toys,cosmetics, watches and clocks, pens and pencils. What is the place?


City: Bangkok

Province: Krung Thep

Country: Thailand


From what I remember Soi Wanit 1 and Wanit roads are just opposite ends. The small alley is called Sampaeng lane. This is the Sampaeng market where I think you want to go shopping.
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The small alley is called Sampaeng lane.

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It's call Sampeng and Sapanhun. This two place are connected. You can find all kind of thing that was your mention. Have fun.
Soi Wanit 1 is along Wanit Road,The place you were we called
Sampheng,famous wholesales shopping place where you could be sure that you could get best prices quality goods.
The important facts have been mentioned already.
Just for your info: It's less than 5 min walking distance from Ratchawong intersection with Yaowarat rd. Grand China Princess Hotel is there. If you come by River Expressboat (public), get off at Ratchawong pier, 3rd possibility to your right.
That place is called Sampheng area where you can get varieties of stuff for which you can make a bargain. Enjoy your shopping there.
Sampeng area, is the whole sale place for shopping stationary, cheap jewelry such as earings, necklace and so on other girls things. mostly import from china. if u look for thai souvenirs, go to JJ market.
People call it Sampeng.
Actually received the correct answers already, but to confirm it's a great shopping lane.

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Have a good trip , all the answers are all ready given to your question.

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