Hi, we make a travel 12 days in Jamaica and we wont you need every day but would be great you could be near. We are 4 woman from Switzerland

We travel in January / February 2012 from Montego Bay to Ocho Rios to Boston Bay to Bath to Mandeville and finaly to Negril. In those places we stay 1-5 nights and when we stay 5 nights we dont need you all day. But maybe you better stay near we are. So we can call you if we like to make little tours or dining out. We dont know if we can effort to have our one driver. But we think it would be great and save for us. How much do you cost for 12 days? Thanks for your answer. Greetings Bernadette


City: Montego Bay

Parish: Saint James

Country: Jamaica


I am not a tour operator nor a guide. I have passed on your info to a driver who I can recommend to you.
Hi there. Let's continue this convesation via Email.
I am Sandy and my email is email
Put JAMAICA in the subject line so I can get the email from the junk folder.
Looking forward to talking to you!
12 days will be a $1000
Hi Bernadette,
i Live in Montego Bay and work for website
i think i can help you when you are here in Montego bay and Ocho Rios.
for the money dont worry , i like to help people because i recieved alot of help in my life when i travel .so for me its going to be a pleasure .
send me a email email
or facebook
Nicolas Rebaza
Good day Bernadette

I will be available for you at a very reasonable price. We need to talk more for me to tell you definitely what the cost will be. I have accommodations in Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and Negril you could stay that are not expensive.
It would cost less if you just had one driver because that way i could offer a package deal for the entire trip. My Average cost per trip is 90 euros if you buy the gas and that the best deal you will get here ( some trips are shorter than others so some days the cost will be less than others) . i would like to chat more to get more details. give me a call 8764533444 or email me email or find me on facebook - website

I'll show you the best of Jamaica and more. places you will love and not wanna leave.
Hello inquirer, i hope to be able to assist you while in our Jamaica, there is some helpful information i would like to help you with in choosing a driver for your Jamaican experience! please contact me by e-mail email
fr there we get aquainted which is important..or find me on Facebook email thanks and have a great week Chuck norris jamaica
We can serve you comfortably, with no hassle whatsoever...rates will vary depend on the amount of activity you engage in per day.
Thank you,sorry I took so long to respond and to your question yes I would love to acompany you when u decided to come jamaica ok just keep me update at all piont in box me and we we carry on from there . We can also continue this conv. By emailing. email thank u
Hi,I,m a french-canadian living in Jamaica and I have my own bus and I have access to very affordable accomadations all over the island.You can look at my profile and contact me if you want

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