How can I contact Hoianbluehouse to stay there?!


City: Ha Noi

Municipality: Ha Noi

Country: Vietnam


As far as i know, Hoianbluehouse is in Hoi An in the middle of Vietnam. It's not in Hanoi. Besides, i find that it's in progress. However, i will collect some more information for you if you want to stay there.
Nice day ^^.
Hi there,
I found a cell phone number of Cham Island Diving Center (located in the old city of Hoi An at 88 Nguyen Thai Hoc str.): Lodovico - 0918255521 () You might contact them and ask about the procedure to go aboard as well as the Guest House's number.
Just in case, I have been in Hoi An once, but just visited the Ancient Town and the neighborhood; if you wanna try some famous specialties in the Ancient Town, I can provide you with good addresses, which I got from a local. Have a nice weekend!

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