Hello friends, I would like to know what curency is better to take with me dollars or euroes?


Capital city: Prague

Country: Czech Republic


You should take euros or dollars, as they are both changed in all banks and change offices in Cz. have a good stay.
Hi Olga.
You can bring either currency.
However, the rates of exchange vary quite a lot from bank to bank.
My advice to you would be to choose carefully where you make your exchange.
I have done a lot of money exchanging and have also done a lot of searching for the best company. In fact I have a VIP card for the best exchange office in Prague.
It's no problem for me if you would like to SMS me when you are in Prague and you can borrow my card for your exchange.
Kind regards
Hello - any is possible, but you have really to be carefull where you change, as in some "exchange officesů they have a thievish rate of exchange or commission - study in detail NAD IN ADVANCE their "advantageous" proposal. Correct rates are in banks or hotels, or you can take money with our credit card from an ATM machine
Best would be if you can withdraw money from an ATM, in the Czech crown when you are in town. Like others have mentioned exchanging money can be expensive. Euros would probably be better, as the dollar-crown exchange rate now is very bad. Some places in the center MIGHT accept Euros (very touristy places) but no one will accept dollars.

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