Can my 9 month old ride the chairlift at mystic mountain if he's securely attached to me in a baby carrier?


City: Kingston

Undetermined: [None]

Country: Jamaica


I have seen a traveler taken their months old baby on their tour to Mystic Mountain via the explorer. The guides ensure that the baby is securely strapped in. All safety measures are taken in that regard.
I guess there are safety issues which mystic mountain would have taken into thought when planning for families so i guess it would be alright check first, that's humble opinion.
if the baby is securely strapped on the mother it is fine,if u willing to take that chance with ur child.To me that experience would not be knowledgeable to him at this age,so if it was my child i would not take that chance,and the baby carrier would not be fine for me the baby would have to strapped on me
Checked with mystic mountain, YES they have straps for children, so go and enjoy

NO HEtoo young
I will call them get back to you. I really do not know for sure.
the guides there will ensure the baby is strapped in properly/safely ,but personal i wouldn't bring my baby there .........but they r really equipped with the proper guides who will reassure you that ur child's safety will not be jeopardize.
Your question being a safety concern should be formally addressed directly to Mystic Mountain to ensure the most definitive answer. Please see link provided:


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