Can baby (9month old) go on martha brae river rafting? Are there any fun activities/excursions near falmouth area? Thankx much


City: Kingston

Undetermined: [None]

Country: Jamaica


That activity may be lovely beause as far as I have seen it is a pretty peaceful journey, not at all like rafting in the US.
Yes as long as he/she is in a harness around you, but if you need to put on a life vest he/she will have to don one too. Falmouth is becoming a town of attractions. It used to have attractions on its own many years ago and this is being revived and polished to what it is today. We now have a cultural show and tour at Outameni in Falmouth and historical tours around Falmouth that you may wish to try. Otherwise Montego Bay is where you will go if you want to go clubbing, watch movies, go to the beach etc. Falmouth right now is just starting back and it may take awhile to get it really and truly revved up. If you are staying at the FDR hotel or any of the hotels nearby and they have their own clubs you can have fun in Falmouth. Shopping for souvenirs and market goods can be done there, tours of Plantations where great slave rebellions occurred can be done. Not too far away is Rose Hall Plantation where Mrs Annie Palmer is said to have murdered three husbands. Now I wouldn't take my child to a place like that for children are known to see spirits better than adults. So you may want to leave the baby in Nursery Care if you are going there. Otherwise, Falmouth is a place right now for adults who wish a quiet getaway.

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