what is there to do at the great pyramid?


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Hi! There are actually many things you can do while visiting the Great Pyramid and the rest of Giza plateau. Apart of taking a walk among the monuments, you can also ride a horse or a camel and go around this way! It's a nice experience, and will be more comfortable if you do not like to walk a lot under the sun. Also, at the entrance you can get a ticket to go inside the pyramid, and explore the corridors and rooms. Then you can visit the Solar Boat, which was the funerary Boat of Cheops (Khufu). Then all around the zone of the pyramids you can find nice souvenirs' shops in case you want to buy presents!
Hi there - allow yourself some time because the pyramids are AWESOME!!!

Inside the pyramid complex there are 3 main pyramids, some smaller pyramids and the Great Sphinx as well as some tombs and mortuary temples you can take a look at. The Great Pyramid is, of course, the largest pyramid and the first one you will come to when you enter the complex. Entrance to the complex is 60 Egyptian pounds (LE)

For an additional ticket you will be able to enter one of the pyramids - they only open one pyramid at a time so maybe you can go inside the Great Pyramid itself (that would cost you LE100). It's an exciting adventure but it can also be very hot and quite uncomfortable so you need to be a little fit and not claustrophobic. You need to get there early to do this as only a certain number of people are allowed inside each day. (Each person's body gives out quite a lot of salt while inside and this can be damaging to the pyramid.)

Walk around the east side past the small pyramids of the queens and other members of the royal family and you will come to the Solar Boat Museum. Buy your ticket (LE50) and put on your funny cotton boots and explore this really interesting small museum, marvelling at the beautiful boat that was created just for the pharaoh to use.

Around the pyramids you will find people selling souvenirs and others from whom you can take a camel ride or horse ride to see the pyramids. If you go with a tour company and guide you can also take your vehicle up to the look out area where you can see all the pyramids and take some funny touristy photos like this one

Then you can also walk or ride down the short distance to see the Sphinx before you leave the complex all together.

In the evenings you can also go back to see the Sound & Light Show which is performed in many different languages, but there is an English-language showing every day. For this show you go in near the Sphinx.

Enjoy a wonderful few hours

Lyndall El Masry
Nile Wave Travel

Dear Sir,
First of all welcome to Egypt
Second; in the great Pyramid u can enter inside, find the collection of the king Cheopis, and his tomb.You can also take photos infront of it in addition to riding a camel as well.
If you want I can organize you a tour to the Pyramids or generally in Cairo, Giza, or all over Egypt with very cheap price.

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Yosra Mohy El-Dein
the great pyramid
1- see it have some AWESOME information
how it build ?
why built?
who built ? it's its .......
2- alot of beutiful places to have avery good photos it's amazig
3- see the pyramid from inside at the entrance you can get a ticket to go inside the pyramid, and explore the corridors and rooms.
4-Then you can visit the Solar Boat it's wonderful
5-see th 3 pyramids of the mother and the wifes of khofo
6- see the 5 poat pits around the pyramid the .
7 -if like you can visit the other 5 pyramid in giza platue
8- visit the panorama to have abeautiful photo as if you catching the pyramid in hand
9 - if like you can horse and camel ridding
10 after all of that you can visit some shops out side the pyramid to have special gifts toyour friends
Ah now that is a question!!!! The area around the Giza pyramids has lots to offer and see, not only the 3 large pyramids but also the 6 smaller ones that were built for the pharoahs family.
It is really too large an area to go by foot, too uneven and rough, so I suggest you explore by either camel or horse, these are available from around the entrance, you will have to negotiate the price til you agree on one that suits your budget, but it is much more fun and a great experience to see the area this way, why come all the way to Egypt and not ride a camel,especially in this ancient site.
The entrance to the site is LE60,if you want to go inside the Great pyramid you will have to purchase an extra ticket on your entry, but in my opinion it is not worth it, it can get rather stuffy and hot inside with nothing to really see as all the artifacts are in the Egyptian museum.
Depending on your guide, you can also visit inside some of the tombs of the Pharoahs nobles and governors,and they are free.
The Sphinx is of course here too situated down the ramp from the Great pyramid, you can get quite close for photographs and take some unusual touristy ones, as though you are kissing him !
You should allow at least 3/4 hours to truely experience the plateau it is well worth the time and effort.
There is a Sound and Light Show every evening in several languages, English shows are every night. It gives a brief history of the area,using lasers and commentary, a bit twee, but never mind you will get the gist, whether you are really interested or know nothing about Egypt's ancient past it is a pleasant 45 minutes under a stary sky with the Sahara as a backdrop.
So go ahead and enjoy this amazing experience of the last of the original SEVEN WONDERS.
Lots of things to see and to do in the great Pyramids of Giza and this what I shall show to you in your future tour to Egypt
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Gamal el din Saad
Fun fun and more fun ... the great pyramid is considered one of the most beautiful and attracttive place in the world , you can walk around the pyramids, the pyramids to see and imagine how pharaohs built this massive building and i like my guest to have camel ride there its fun also you can venture inside the pyramid but i prefer you do the third one as the great pyramid is very high and tiring .you can visit some tombs such as The Tomb of Qar in the Eastern Cemetery At Giza.and the mastaba of Idu .. they are amaing .at the end you can go to visit the sphinx ..:) .and pls donot forget that There are a lot of nice places all over the world , There are a lot of beautiful countries all over the world . . But there is one wonderful country on the earth called EGYPT
Hi, there are lots of nice things to do at the Great Pyramid. Here's a detailed list of what you can do.

- You have to buy an entry ticket AT the entrance to the sight. This ticket enables you to do the pyramids AND the Sphinx.
- If you would like to go into one of the Pyramids, you have to buy an extra at the same entrance for 100 LE to enter the Great Pyramid and 30 LE to enter the pyramid of king Mycerinus. The local authorities sell a limited number of tickets, to go into the Great Pyramid, twice a day : at 8 o'clock a.m. and at 1 o'clock p.m.
- If you would like to see the Sun Boat, you have to buy an extra ticket for 50 LE at the museum of the Sun Boat fight behind the Great Pyramid. It's worth it.
- You can walk around the pyramids to get the feeling specially if it's not too hot.
- Go to a place called the Panorama of the Pyramids, 1 kilometer from the Great Pyramid to take a lovely shot of the all the pyramids.
- Visit the Sphinx and have a picture of yourself taken kissing the Sphinx. The locals help do it for a small tip.
- It's quite pleasant to take a camel/carriage ride to go across the Sahara.
- Do some shopping buying cheap souvenirs off the local venders. You have to barter. It's part of the fun.

By the way I'm a local guide. If you need my services, please e-mail me : . My website is :
Dear Sir-Madam
first of all the area Giza Pyramids is 12 km , and it's around 35 km distance from downtown of Cairo ( around 40 minutes driving ) and there the main entrance fees is 60 LE as adult rate , since you are inside there is the great pyramids which is 100 LE optional ticket , the second pyramids is closed right now and they open the 3rd pyramids instead and the ticket for this pyramid is 30 LE , as for the tombs of the priests and the sphinx you can get in by the mail ticket so no extra charge for that , also beawre ther are many people inside the area always trying to sell you camel tours by expensive prices , for more information please check this website :

best regards

This can't be described in words, from taking tours n side the pyramids & the musiums next to it, to taking a camel & have a tour in the pyramids area .....
soo awesome :)

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