can you please give me fare's for bus,taxi or MRT from china town to bukit batok??? and how long will it take to get there???


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Assuming from Chinatown MRT to Bukit Batok MRT:

MRT (40 mins) - about $1.60 if you use an EZ-link card (recommend getting one if you intend to travel around for a few days - there should be a tourist version)
BUS (60 mins) - about $1.50 with EZ-link card
TAXI (25 mins) - about $14 if you take it during non-peak or midnight timings, otherwise it could rise to about $20.
I used for this information - it's pretty useful for figuring out how to get around Singapore!
Thank you very much!!! This sure is a big help!!!
If you want to take a train, you should at least bring along $3 with you to purchase the ez-link card. You can purchase the card from the card machine.

If you want to travel by bus, it is about $1.50. If you do not want to purchase a card, you can choose to pay by coins.

My best advise to you is that, you purchase an ez-link card, and top it up with at least 10 or 20 bucks, and use it to travel here and there. More handy!
Thank you so much for these information!!! surely is a big help when i get there!!!
Hi Muro,
U can travel by all 3 types of transport depending on yr preference,timing & budget too.. If u're staying for more than a day it's advisable to purchase the EZ link & MRT tourist cards.
For the MRT : U will save more & its advisable u purchase a tourist day tourist card rather than the Standard card. From Chinatown to Bukit Batok it'll cost u SGD 1.60 & d journey takes about 40 mins.
For the Bus : Journey takes about 1 hour & the fare is SGD 1.50 with the EZ link card. U'll pay slightly more if u use cash.
For taxi : Takes u about 25 mins also depending on the traffic situation too. Fare is around SGD 15, this also depends on whether u taking the taxi during the peak or Off peak timings. U'll need to pay more if u board the taxi during peak hours.
Like Hoon Kiat said,it would be useful if u use for more Info. There u can also get alot of Info to get around Singapore at yr fingertips.
Enjoy your Stay..... :)
thank you so much!!!! thanks for the details!!!
around S$2...
Thank you!!!

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