i would like to visit Bukit Batok,,, can i find cheap accommodations nearby? it will be my first time so i would like to rely on your help.


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hey there bro. there is nothing much to see in bukit batok except for the nature reserve. there will most likely be no accommodations around that area as it is more to a housing area. if its your first time in sg i would not reccommend that area. the central areas are better. if you want more info i could help you research more. :-)
Thanks for the help!!!
I second Vijay's suggestion to put up in central area. You can do a day trip to Bukit Batok which is abt 30mins or less train ride if you would like a visit!
Thank you so much!!!!
I agree w/ Vijay & Psstz. I live nearby Bukit Batok; it's mainly a heartlander area; ie. neighborhood w/ amenities for locals, & honestly, there's not much to do there. If you must visit however, I suggest staying at Hotel 81/Fragrance Hotel if you've a limited budget, & then take a quick trip via MRT () or bus (we've two bus companies: SMRT & SBS).
Thank you!!!!! Your suggestion is very much appreciated!!!!
How many days are you planning to stay here? Will you be bringing a lot of stuff or you are visiting to check out the lifestyle in sg, visit someone special or friends; or simply for holiday?
I suggest that you check out backpackers hostels because they only charge20 - 25sgd , this is advisable if you are the adventurous type, you dnt mind staying in a dorm type place meaning, a chance that you will stay with fellow foreigners. Again this is if you are in a tight budget. Most of the european backpackers will stay in this places and its quite fun! You wont be staying most of the time in your room anyway and they have lockers to put your stuff. Again, this is for light travelers so carrying a 25-30kg luggage is not a way to go. But if you are visiting someone special or might be traveling with her, you may opt for single room wc is aroun d 50 SGD. I think hotel 81 and Fragrance would be around 70-80 sgd on average.
Now, if you are here to apply for a job I suggest you try to look for a place that woul;d allow you to rent a room for a month , it would be around 500-600 sgd but i suggest get one that you just have to share a room with , then it might be around 300-350 per month. That depends on the area.
Im assuming that you are looking at Bukit BAtok because you are visiting someone right? No worries, everything in SG is quite near so you may just go to Bukit batok anytime...Though the fare might be expensive if you will be staying far north and plans to visit bukit batok everyday.
Rule of thumb, wear sneakers/rubber shoes, travel light, eat cheaply, never go on roaming, use prepaid cards here abt 8 sgd in 7-11 with 10 sgd load. or just use payphones 10 cents if calling a local number or mobile phone (yes its the same as compared in the philippines) . Free attractions in Singapore are very near public transport. Hope this helps a bit :)
Just red your answer to my question,,, i should say,,, this is the simplest but the most detailed answer i have received.. Thank you so much!!! I must say,,, You are smart!!! That's for assuming I am visiting someone special.... Thanks!!!

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