What are the best tourist attractions in Ismalila ?

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City: Cairo

Governorate: Al Qahirah

Country: Egypt


Hi Tarek! Touristic attractions in Ismailia are:
- Ismailia Museum, with artifacts from Pharaonic through the Greek and Roman era,
- Lake Timsah, where there are some beaches and the possibility to practice water sports,
- Mallaha Park, for anyone interested in botany,
- the sites of Tal Al-Sahabe and Al-Azba, Tal Al-Naaima and Al-Gamaleen, and others.

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Region Egypt tourist attractions

City Ismailia

Garden of the Stelae

Ismailia Canal

Wadi Tumilat

Midan el-Gumhuriya


Railroad Station

Tell el-Maskhuta
The best tourist attraction in Ismalia the national museum, the memorize unknown soldier , and in the way we will visit el salam brige , and el timsah lake

Ismailia has a few places you could take western tourists.

The Ismailia Museum is a very small museum not often visited by tourists but has over 4,000 artifacts from Pharaonic through the Greek and Roman era. It includes information on the first canal built by the Persian Darius between the Bitter lakes and Bubastis and a masterpiece mosaic of the 4th century illustrating classic characters from Greek mythology. Other items include statues, scarabs, stelae and such. The museum is open daily between 9 am and 4 pm.

In the Garden of the Stelae are a number of large stelae from Tell el-Maskhuta. Of particular interest are a granite stela in the name of Ramesses II with a relief of the King offering an image of Maat, goddess of truth, to the falcon headed Re-Harakhty and another relief of the King before Atum on the back; Ramesses II between the gods Khepri and Atum; recumbent sphinxes, including one dedicated by Ramesses II to Atum and Harmachis; a fragment of a chapel dedicated by Ramesses II in the Temple of Teliel-Maskhuta; the black granite lid of a sacrophagus belonging to a high palace official from Tell el-Maskhuta; and a granite chapel from El-Arish with an inscription relating to the rule of the gods on earth.

A busy shopping street runs southeast from the railroad station by way of the Midan el-Gumhuriya (gardens) to the Mohammed Ali Quay. A walk along here is also a good way to get a feel for the city.

Mallaha Park is a lovely park covering an area of around 500 acres, planted with varieties of rare flowers, trees and palms both indigenous and exotic.

Lake Timsah is known for its calm water on which many beaches are located and where there is opportunity for many water sports. It covers an area of 14 square km. The beaches that overlook the lake are Moslem Youth, Fayrouz, Melaha, Bahary, Taawen, in addition to the Suez Canal Authority beaches. If swimming at thsi lake be aware that it is customary for women to swim fully covered.

The Suez Canal is one of the main attraction of Ismailya. It's a nice and relaxing way to to spend a couple of hours to observe the large ships passing by. To reach the canal its a 40 minutes walk along the fresh water canal or a short taxi ride for around 5 -10 LE. The road ends at the ferry jetty. There a is restaurant that offers local dishes and beverages.

There are quite a few other archaeological sites out of town but I am unsure which of them are open for visitors, sorry.

Lyndall El Masry
Nile Wave Travel

ISMALIA IS avery beautifl city you will enjoy it
1 City Ismailia,2-Tell el-Maskhuta,3-Ismailia Canal,4--Railroad Station,5-Museum,6-Wadi Tumilat,,7-Garden of the Stelae 8-Midan el-Gumhuriya

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