my husband and i are planning a trip in mid may we will have seven days to actually play. we want to hit all the disney theme parks...

...but there is so much else to do in Florida. how many days would you recommend to spend at Disney and do you think we will have time to visit any other parks?


City: Orlando

State: Florida

Country: United States


If you stay in or near Orlando everything will be pretty much accessible. Meaning with an hours drive or two. As for how may days you need. That really depends on how much you want to see and do. For example, there are six Disney parks and you can easily spend a day in each one. Universal, has Two parks and you can spend a day in each of those also. That's a week and we haven't visited sea World or any other park. Not to mention the Night Life. The Night Life in Orlando can be as much fun as the day time. Be sure to visit the Post Office that was built upside down. It's Incredible.

Mt suggestion is to make a plan and stick to it because Orlando has far more than a weeks worth of activity that you will find a whole lot of fun.

For more information, visit the Disney list on my profile page.
I am really not sure how many days it would take for Disney, I am a fishing guide and a lot of my customers have spent at least 2 days there they tell me,when you are searching for tickets look for park hopper passes they say that is the best value and you can visit the other parks without paying again,my wesite is
If you are wanting to hit the parks, I'd give a day for each, depending on your interests. If you have kids, the Magic Kingdom is great for them. If not, you might want to pick a park hopper pass instead. There are a few rides that most adults like at the Magic Kingdom, like the Tower of Terror. Epcot is more adult oriented. Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studio are each considered "half day" parks, so shouldn't take up as much of your day.

My recommendation would be to take a look at the Disney Website ( ) and decide what you want to see when you go, before buying the tickets. If you plan it right, you could see everything you want to, without wasting too much time with the things you aren't interested in. That way you can dedicate a day for Universal Studios (which is awesome... can't wait for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to open next spring!) and maybe some time just to veg on the Beach. Disney is in the Center of the State, so an hour or so drive can get you to one of the local beaches!

Have a Great Trip!

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