can i get an mot on my english car in spain


Country: Spain


yes of course
Same traffic rules that in your country.
No doubt! :-)
Yes.. If you find your local ITV and pop in to make an appointment.. not always neccessary but better to not assume you can get straight in..Plus you pay beforehand, ensure you got all relevant docs for car and driving licence with you..
You stay in the car and the mechanic guides you through the lane. at each section you go through they check the points relevant in the car and then they give you docs at the end of the lane to let you know if there is any work required
Any problem at all.Be careful driving.
The equivalent of an MOT is the ITV in Spain. You can book your car in to your local one in Spain online at The car has to be Spanish registered in order to provide the necessary paperwork for ITV. In order to do this it needs to have been homologated ie headlights, number plates etc to comply with Spanish regulations.
Assuming your car is Spanish registered, then yes you can take it for ITV. If it's English registered, the no.
You can and MUST get a vehicle inspection certificate. It is called ITV rather than MOT but is a similar scheme.

Your question is too vague to be able to give too much more assistance. Is it a classic car? Is it right or left hand drive etc.

Let us have more information if you want further advice.

If it is right hand drive, should you really bring it here?
I would say it is dangerous but others will disagree.
NO, not at all. I have been throught this and it will cost a fortune to register your can. Only one ITV center per state can do your car as most will turn you away-and it is the strictest one! You will first have to replace your lights, ALL 4. The tape on the headlights will not work here. And your reverse lights are on the incorrect side. Then your registration papers for here will have to be bought and as the car is not normal RHD-(quoted 60-400€)and charged 420€. Then the ITV exam and they do not like foreign cars so be prepared to be messed about and return several times for trivial stuff. Even when you have passed you will not get the papers immediately like all the others, you will need to return a week later. All in all unless you love your car (as i did) and its worth a lot (mine was not at 17 years old) and will never sell it as a RHD car is worthless here then do not consider bringing it. My total costs on a vw golf 1993 with 170 000mi to register here was just over 800€ more than the car is worth. And when you have started you have to finish or scrap the car as you first surrender your brithish papers.
No you can't, but you don't need one either as the car is not Spanish registered. I have been here for 3 years without one. As long as you have seguro(insurance), then you are legal.

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