Hello Dear Community, I'm looking for fishing spots near Sofia as my Dad's coming over for Easter period. He's very experienced guy


City: Sofia

Province: Pernik

Country: Bulgaria


Hello User,

There are a few good lakes for fishing near Sofia, try Lake Iskar 30km south of Sofia city

Also try Pancharevo Lake 12km from Sofia City centre, I have a Bulgarian friend that lives next to this lake and tells me the fishing there is good, I have been there many times swimming in the summer months

Hope you find this information helpful

Regards Glyn Minka and Trayana

see this links my friend :)
Enjoy your stay in Sofia: )
Hi User,

As Glyn Minka and Trayana has posted, Pancharevo is the first thought in my mind, I also heard from friends, that there is good for fishing, it is not far from Sofia city centre, so you can try that.

Good luck!

Best regards,


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