Hello, I'm coming to Berlin for 3 months.In BVG I've seen that there's like a tourist card, single there something for a month?


City: Berlin

State: Berlin

Country: Germany


Yes you can buy a season ticket at, tor example, the BVG office at Zoo bus station. Otherwise you can buy a weekly ticket from the machines at any of the Ubahn or Sbahn stations.

I recommend the VBB Eco Ticket Monthly Ticket if you need complete flexibility
It's valid 24/7, you can choose between
Monthly Ticket for a calendar month
Monthly Passes valid from any day

Usually Zones AB will cover you, no need to go for the ABC ticket

One month will cost you EUR 74.00
on weekends or evenings a friend can accompany you free of charge :)

here's all info in English:

If your trips start later than 10 am and you don't need to go out late at night
the "10 a.m. Monthly Ticket" is a good choice: EUR 53.00

It's valid from 10 am to 03 am
Note that this type of ticket is bound to calendar months, it's only a real bargain if you arrive at the beginning of any given month :)

here's more information:

Both types of tickets are transferable.
So you can give them to a friend when you leave Berlin or don't need it on a specific day.
Yes there is a monthly ticket (which I recomend) for the Subway, S-Bahn, Tramway and the Busses by the BVB.
The cheapest way to move around in town.
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