I'm looking for excellent guides / tour operators in Iceland. Got recommendations?


Country: Iceland


It depends on which type of tours you are looking for. There are tour operators exclusively in highland tours (glaciers tours) and then there are bus companies operating in many different tours in the South part of Iceland including the most popular tours "The Golden Circle Tour". These tours are operated by several companies and the two biggest are Reykjavik Excursions and Iceland Excursion.

Our company is operating on a private tours for max 6 persons (4x4 Nissan Patrol). Our tours are from 2 hours up to 2 weeks. Please check our web: .

There are also other tours available which are operated by individual companies like: Iceland photo tours, Bicycle tours, Snow mobile, Husky sledge tours, scuba diving and bird watching tours. It all depend on your interest for activity and in the meantime you will be enjoining fantastic nature of Iceland.

I hope this is giving you some idea of the possible activity here in Iceland.

Have a wonderful trip to Iceland.
Hello, agree with Hermannsson. There are many great options. I'd check out this tourist guide who has 23 years experience and has qualified in three different categories of guiding from the Iceland Tourist Guide School; general guide, hiking guide, incentive guide. And he is a qualified national park ranger too.

For tour operators I recommend Reykjavik Bike Tours which specializes in bicycle tours. They do other types of tours as well, such as the Golden Circle, South Shore, Blue Lagoon, Northern Lights, Study visits, Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon and much much more.

I've also heard good things about Hermansson
I am the best guide in Iceland.
So just call me.

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