How to get there without telling "babylon" to texi driver?


City: Bangkok

Province: Krung Thep

Country: Thailand


To get really to your destination by using a taxi meter can be sometimes a bit of a challenge, mainly in Bangkok. The following may help.
Always keep in mind that many taxi drivers cannot read maps.
If you want to go to some little known places, get it written down in Thai by a local beforehand, by including the name of a major well known road close by.
Always take a name card along when leaving your hotel, to where you want to return by taxi.
Never try to ask a taxi driver, if he knows the place you want to go. He never say no anyway. Just make it clear to him, that if he takes you, that you will not pay him more than a certain amount (e.g. by showing him a one hundred Baht bill, or so).
Never take a taxi that does not want to use the meter.
Never take a taxi that only aks you for a ridiculously low fare. He will bring you to some shopping opportunity in expectation of some commission payment by the shop.
If you take a three-wheeler (tuk-tuk, samlor), always negotiate the fare before you go, because tuk-tuks have no meter.
When getting into a taxi, have a look where the meter is located in the car (according to the regulation it should be somehow high on the dashboard, not hidden somewhere beneath) and check if the seal is intact. If you feel not comfortable, get out immediately.
Try to get using the skytrain (BTS) or subway (MRT) and take a taxi/tuk-tuk only to the final leg.
I you are still not comfortable, watch the meter (it shows the distance in the righthand corner) and compare it with a list of prices "according to the distance".
Michel's comment made me thinking. If you indeed mean "Babylon sauna etc etc" rather than the communication difficulties with taxi drivers in general, then you tell the taxi driver to go to "Thanon Suan Phlu". The rest you do by walking,
there is nothing more to say as wilfried already had said!
I just read the comment made by "Wilford Giessler". He's said about everything constructive concerning this subject. He has provided great information. I would add. If you have an important appointment where being on time is a factor leave rather early. Traffic bottlenecks here. Dead stop and bumper to bumper even on the express ways are normal. Don't be in a hurry. Use the toilet "before" you get into that cab/taxi. Maybe a small bottle of water with you? Have a photo copy of your passport. Just in case and maybe some hidden cash on you somewhere. Watch your wallet and if you have a shoulder bag don't forget you have it. The card back to you hotel is good back up to get home. Most cab driver's are average nice type of guys. Money is "tight" some are desperate to make a living like you and I. Don't over dress and look a target on the street. If you look like a poorish tourist you have better chances of being overlooked for the other "farang" next to you are further down the street. Just a thought or two.
Yeah, the other guys don't quite understand the question do they? It is difficult to not mention 'Babylon' because it's a residential district so not many other businesses or landmarks. Supposedly the tuk tuks aren't allowed to go there because they are too noisy. but I wouldn't really be too worried about asking to be taken there - you might get a quick 'look' but not much more. The taxi drivers and motorcycle guys are pretty tolerant I've found. A Thai told me that the Motorcycle guys with purple over shirts are more friendly.
Could well be, thanks for the hint. There is always one more thing to learn!
take a bus!

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