Is there any special restaurant we should go to while in Washington? We like to pick a place that we will always remember from our trip.


City: Washington

District: District of Columbia

Country: United States


Jaleo - tapas type place from Chef Jose Andres - FANTASTIC
ChurchKey DC - -- amazing beer selection if you're into that.
Ben's Chili Bowl -- -- landmark DC restaurant
Georgia Brown's -- -- really great food.
Founding Farmers - -- Fresh from the farm type food.
Old Ebbit Grill -- pricey but worth it.
Hands down that would be Marrakesh restaurant at 617 New York Ave. NW.

A lot of people have celebrations here - anniversaries, birthdays, etc. - but any occassion will do!

You must make reservations - they have 2 seatings - 6 pm and 9 pm (9 pm has more 'partiers') - If anyone is a vegetarian, tell them in advance.

You need to know the address when you go because when you arrive the sign is in Arabic. You knock on the door and they'll let you in!! You step into a tiled foyer and then into the main room where dinner is served.

You'll sit on couches with lots of pillows, rugs on the walls, a big round brass table in front of you where you'll communally share dinner with your guests - using your hands!! And, yes, you'll love using your hands and you'll love the food (Morrocan meat, marinaded for hours).

You'll have about 7 courses and at some point, they'll be a belly dancer gyrating on a table in the middle of the restaurant.

This place is awesome. It's not cheesey, the food isn't bad b/c it's a theme restaurant - none of that. As evidence, when you get there and have the need to use the restroom, you'll pass by dozens of photos of all the politicians and celebrities that have dined there.

Bring cash - they don't take credit cards! It's a set price - if you drink alcohol, that will make your bill expensive.

This is definately a place you will not forget. My sister & brother-in-law keep asking me when they can come visit and go back! My brother-in-law hated the idea of eating with your hands - until he got there. The next day he couldn't talk about anything but the experience.

Here's the Web site:

Marrakesh doesn't really advertise, so it won't be a place for tourists - You'll be in the know and likely to be with more locals than tourists.

As a second recommendation, I'd suggest Zatinya's. The owner is the same as Jaleo's but I think the food is better at Zatinya's. It's rated as the 2nd favorite restaurant in DC by Zagat. I love it there. It's also another favorite of my brother-in-law's (he goes to some really good restaurants in NY, Philly, NJ area). They serve Mediterranean food - Turkish, Greek, Syrian, Lebanon. You order Mezze (appetizers) and share them. Try the sea scallops - they're my favorite. - The food is great, the atmosphere is nice.


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