what are the contact numbers for jamaica zoo


City: Kingston

Undetermined: [None]

Country: Jamaica


Hi Shaula Slimm the number for the Hope zoo is 9775558; it is managed by the Ministry of Agriculture ( 9772939)
Corrections to my earlier postings Shaula; The zoo is no longer managed by the Ministry of Agriculture but by the Nature Preservation Foundation and the office number is 9271085
Hope Botanical Gardens and zoo.(876) 9271257
In addittion to the Zoo in Kingston we have Jamaica Zoo in St Elizabeth. See information below


Location Burton Mountain, Lacovia, Jamaica
Hours Mon - Sun: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

General Information Adults $1,100
Children $600 (ages 2 to 15)

Group Rate (10 or more persons)
Adults $1000
Children $500
Public Transit After passing through Santa Cruz, continue to mango avenue in Lacovia. Make the left turn across from a blue and white bus stop. On that road you will pass Lacovia Police Station. The zoo is approximately 2 minutes after passing the police station on the left.

Holland Bamboo Side
After passing through holland bamboo, pass the texaco gas station (at an area where they call tombstone), go over the bridge and make the immediate right turn. On that road, you will pass Lacovia Police Station and the oo is approximately 2 minutes after on the left.
Phone 487 3001/435 9999
This is the no. for our Hope gdn zoo 876-927-1257 or 876-927-1085 and for a bonus you will love the zoo with the most beautiful garden ever and lovely are for picnic kiss its a beauty and with the upgrading going on its all about family and love ones

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